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Bike MS Fundraising Ideas

Tread Setters Club

The Tread Setters are an elite group of cyclists made up of the top fundraisers from each Bike MS event that the Mid America Chapter hosts. The top fundraiser status is based on participants' fundraising in the previous year. The Tread Setters Club was created to fuel the continuous growth of our top fundraisers over the years while adding in some friendly competition. Those that continue to push the fundraising bar year after year are rewarded to keep the competition going.

Tread Setters Rankings for 2015

Kansas City Tread Setters Rankings
Ozarks Tread Setters Rankings
Wichita Tread Setters Rankings
Nebraska Tread Setters Rankings

How many people are in the Tread Setters Club?

2013 TreadSetter ShirtWhat benefits do you receive when you are a part of the Tread Setters Club?

Here’s how you can join the exclusive club…

To be a member, you must rank in the top fundraiser group listed above for each specific ride in 2014. Raising only $1,000 will no longer ensure your top fundraiser status. Keep fundraising now to secure your membership in Tread Setters Club for next year.

Official Tread Setters for 2014

Kansas City Tread Setters     
Nebraska Tread Setters       
Ozarks Tread Setters   
Wichita Tread Setters

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