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Team Profiles

Want to grow your team? Share what makes your Bike MS team unique and have your team highlighted on our website. Individual cyclists will be able to look through team profiles to see which team is the perfect fit for them to join. Fill out our brief survey. Below are just a few of our teams individual cyclists can join.

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KC Ride Teams

Team Name About Contact

The Other Team Garmin

The Other Team Garmin founded here at Garmin but open to all who want to get out on a bike, have fun and raise money for a tremendous cause...Bike MS!  Throughout the season we'll have get togethers, rides and challenges focused on getting the team ready for the big ride in September.  All skill levels are welcomed and encouraged.


Team Western Extralite


The Western Extralite Company has been providing quality electrical products for over 75 years.  We have local branches from St. Louis, Missouri to Hays, Kansas. Our Wellness Committee promotes health and wellness through healthy lifestyles.  2014 will be our second year participating in this ride.


A United We Ride / Lees Summit Subaru Team


We are committed to the cause of helping those with MS, and we believe in having fun while supporting this cause. We are the first team in the KC area to raise over a million dollars to help in the fight against MS, and are closing in on the $2 million mark.


We welcome all riders who want to help us complete this challenge. We also were the winners of the 2013 KC Team Village Best Team Tent Award, given to the team that shows lots of Spirit and provides a great time for its members. We have all levels of riders on our team. We come from many different areas of the metro area, so you can find team members close to you in most all areas of the KC metro area.


We try to support all MS riders and teams by putting on and sponsoring good riding opportunities during the training season. We have a Tuesday / Thursday evening ride every week during Daylight Saving Time. We have also partnered with Lee's Summit Parks and Rec to have an affordable and fun Poker Ride the week before the MS ride.


We help other causes and efforts, by helping promote and participate in the Crank Out Hunger Ride in mid August every year as well as develop, run, promote, and participate in the Freedom From Cancer Ride held around the 4th of July every year. We are pleased to be able to reccommend all these rides to all MS teams for a great team bonding and riding experience. We hope you will want to join with us in these efforts...if you do, you won't regret it!


United We Ride....for the cure!



Team Kiewit Energy

Why join the fight against multiple sclerosis? It's as easy as riding a bike... Enjoy this unique teambuilding experience that uses pedal power to support fellow employees and their families. Promote Kiewit's unique culture to build a stronger organization for future generations of employees. Participate in our efforts to raise funds that will go to aid in assisting support programs, services and research that makes a huge difference to the people who must fight MS every day of their lives.on't just ride, Bike MS!



We're a devoted and exceptionally enthusiastic friends and family cycling team, that is focused on working toward a serious goal - curing multiple sclerosis and having a great time in the process!  We welcome all levels of riders who are ready to 'Ride Like Hell to Fight MS!'  Join us!  You are sure to have the best time a long side of some great people!  - Kami (Co-Captain, Diagnosed with MS '99)


Perceptive Software

Progressive, teamwork and passion are just a few of the words that describe out team.  We work together to create group fundraising efforts.  Enjoy the company of one another on training rides, and at the finish line.  Perceptive Software has the fastest growing team with the most fun.

I know that you're up for the challenge and the sense of accomplishment that you'll feel as you cross the finish line, which can only be matched by the difference you'll be making in the lives of people affected by MS.

By joining the Perceptive team, you will be signing up not just for a great ride, but also for a celebration of the great things we can achieve when working hard for a common cause. So what are you waiting for?

Register with the Perceptive Software team to ride or skip the ride and simply raise money for the team.


Team Zoomin

Team Zoomin is a ragtag group of people invested in bettering our community. Consisting of employees of Zoomin Market and some friends and family, we are completely bought in to doing anything and everything we can to invest in the lives of those around us.



CUTTERS is a team of friends, family and acquaintances dedicated to raising money for the MS Society and bettering the lives of those with MS. Created in 2004 by 5 people, the team now boasts over 50 riders. We range in age from 12 to 76 years young.

Cori Culp:

OZ Ride Teams 

Team Name About Contact

Active Life Chiropractic

We are a beginner team that is all about living your Active Life.  Come join us on our first ride in the MS150!                                            



We'd love for you to join our team and help us wheel MS to the curb!  As team captain I am personally more motivated than ever to form a larger team which equals more funds to go to MS research as I just found out that an 18-year old friend was diagnosed in April, one month before she graduates high school!  This just strengthens my resolve as to why I am part of this movement; along with so many others with friends and family afflicted with MS.  Please ride with us, and if you can't ride, join us by sponsoring myself or another team member.  -Amber


Gold Mountain Communications

Gold Mountain Communications is newbie team on the MS150 scene. Located in Springfield MO, Gold Mountain is all about integrity, family and giving back to the community. I am team Captain and the only regular rider (cycling commuter and mountain biker) in a company of about 500 employees.

The company is very much behind the MS150 ride in terms of fundraising...if anyone else out there wants to ride with me, all the merrier!


Wichita Ride Teams

Team Name About Contact

Yes We Can

We are family and friends just having a good time trying to make a difference.                                         



Our team ROCKS. It cares about people with MS and rides for those who can't. We just don't get together for this event but do rides all year long. We have all types of riders but the one common thing between all of us is a desire to help others and be a force for good. Check us out some more at our FB page:


Lynn's Flock

Lynn's Flock is team of folks from our church and community who enjoy cycling, and decided to make a difference for people in this world. Each of us knows someone who has MS and decided to do something about it. We wanted to give ourselves to something big, bigger than anyone person could do something about. We want to give people hope, and to know others care about them. MS fit the bill.

If you, like us, want to be a part of something that can make a difference in peoples lives, come join our team. We'd love to have you ride with us, or, you can support our team through a monetary donation.

Lynn Scott:

NE Ride Teams

Team Name About Contact

Team TerwilliGEAR

Team TerwilliGEAR comes in all ages, shapes, and sizes.  We ride for hope.  We ride for a cure.  We ride for all those with MS that can't ride with us.  Team TerwilliGEAR's peloton is there to help advance our yellow jersey owner Bob Terwilliger. Bob has championed his ride with MS for almost 25 years. He has taught us that a difficult hill to climb for the peloton is nothing compared to the many road blocks a person with MS faces.  Help us gear-up for another year of support for a great cause in research for finding a cure!                                     





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