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Promo Team 

Promo Team

The Promo Team is the front line of Bike MS marketing! Help us create a buzz to increase community awareness, rider participation and volunteers for Bike MS. Promo Team members will distribute Bike MS marketing materials around the city and attend community events to help us promote Bike MS. Apply today!


Passionate about the MS mission, basic knowledge about Bike MS and a basic understanding of data entry.


Attend training provided by MS Society – initial training in early March. All marketing materials provided by MS Society – posters, rack cards, registration forms, trading cards, banner on a roll. Unique wearable item for you to advertise your involvement. Special perks the weekend of Bike MS event. Differ by ride: VIP Parking, VIP tent access, Priority Start.

Time Commitment

Approximately 5-10 hours per month, March-September.


Distribute Bike MS Marketing materials to public locations you frequent (goal is 30-50 per team member, and 3 distributions throughout season). Locations include: Gyms, bike stores, general retail locations you go to regularly (coffee shop, dry cleaners, book stores, gas station, etc.), health food stores, etc. Attend club bike rides, weekly show-and-go rides, triathlons, etc. to promote Bike MS. Attend local events (bike rides, marathons, walks, etc.) to spread information about and recruit for Bike MS as attendance has been established. Consistent location tracking via online form.

Promo Team Handbook

Coming soon...

Location/Event Tracking Form

Track your distribution efforts by filling out our online form for each event attended and location visited.



Fill out our tracking form for each location and event attended to help us keep a close eye on our distribution efforts.


If you would like more information about the promo team, please contact us at 913-432-3926 or  


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