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Bike MS Prizes and Incentives

Prizes and Incentives

Your hard work does not go unrecognized. Thank you for all your hard work raising funds for Bike MS!

If you have qualified for a fundraising prize by raising $500 or more:
• Prizes are awarded based on money raised through October 31
• Approximately a week after the prize deadline date, we will submit a list of eligible prize winners to our prize company, Summit.
• Summit will then send a letter with a code and instructions to prize winners on how to claim prizes on their website. This letter should be received by participants by the middle of November.
• If you believe you have qualified for a prize but have not received word from Summit by November 30, please contact our office at
• Redemption codes from Summit will expire approximately 90 days from the postmark on the letter.

Click here to view 2014 Bike MS prizes

Bike MS Jersey

It only takes $500 ($800 for Kansas City & Nebraska Ride) of fundraising to receive the 2014 Bike MS jersey. By fundraising just a little more, you can have your very own jersey and spread the word about Bike MS. But don't stop there! Keep fundraising to create a world free of MS.

KSG - Bike Jersey

Bike MS: Ozarks Ride 30th Anniversary Jersey

Bike MS: Ozarks Ride 30th Anniversary Jersey

Mission First

The Mid America Chapter does spend money to provide prizes. By declining your prize, more of the money you raised stays at the MS Society to support the vital research and programs that are part of our mission - a world free of MS. If you do choose to decline your prize, you may return the unmarked prize form with a separate note with your name and “Mission First” or call (800) 344-4867, press 2 so we can acknowledge your generosity. Thank you for your consideration. See a list of our Mission First participants below.

Bike MS Passport Program

Participants who raise $5,000+ at their local ride can attend any other National Bike MS ride by paying a $50 registration fee per ride; minimum donation requirements will be waived. Before you register for a Passport Ride, please contact us. We can facilitate the process! Just email or call 1-800-344-4867.

Please note: You will be expected to coordinate and pay for your own travel expenses, bike shipment, hotel accommodations, incidental expenses, etc. In addition, your membership in the National Bike MS Passport Program is not transferable. Family or friends may register online at for the Bike MS ride that they would like to participate in.

Mission First

Steve Anderson
Emily Austin
Dana Brack
Ashlee Brattin
Frank Briscoe
Greg Brown
Carol Buchanan
Kathryn Buck
Elizabeth Cavanaugh
Andy Clements
Gary Cless
David Colburn
Ashley Cook
Bill Dammann
Jill Davis
Norman Eubank
Rick Evans
Clayton Fixsen
Jason Floyd
Jerry Francis
Tom Furgason
Scott Garner
Frank Garver
Reinaldo Gonzalez
Jason Haney
David Harse
Douglas Hartz
Barbara Helm
Joshua Hemberger
Twila Hillme
Michael Hoehn
Gary Hoepner
David Johnson
Larry Johnson
Susie Kenslow
John Kenslow
Kathryn Kern
Max Kesner
Tracy Landing
Gary Ledford
Kevin Lehr
Rick Miles
Lori Murdock
Tim Murphy
Don Nafzinger
Ken Niemeyer
Robert Nygren
Randall Parks
Kimberly Pearce
Roger Plihal
Kelly Rasor
Jeff Rhein
Jennifer Robinson
Aaron Rood
Justin Rutherford
Lynn Scott
Barry Sevett
Erin Shaffer
Christa Sifrit
Jeff Simmons
Joseph Spradlin
Donald Swartz
Russell Thiel
Brian Thurston
James Timmerman
Tucker Trotter
Kevin Tyler
Doug Washington
Robert Wassergord
Kevin Williams
David Willingham
Roger Willt

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